Danielle Stone

I'm Danielle, your 4'9" pocket-sized wedding and portrait photographer/videographer! Over the last 12 years I have had the opportunity to eat cake at close to 200 weddings and became a pro at carrying around a step ladder.  

Powered by coffee, tacos and sunsets. The magic colours of sunsets will always amaze me and like my morning coffee I make time to enjoy the sunsets. If I could live somewhere that it was 20 degrees everyday I'd spend all my time outside hiking and chasing sunsets. However, for now I hibernate most winters enjoying the sunset from the warmth of my home and indulge in outdoor adventures during the warmer months  celebrating life and taking it all in! 

I will create an experience that is so much fun that you will forget you ever felt nervous about being in front of the camera!

Grande Prairie, Alberta based photographer & videographer!



my favourite

Kauai, Hawaii

rome, italy

Santorini, greece





I absolutely love taking ring shots. Add some florals to the mix and that just changes the game! Simply ask your florist for some loose florals or petals and have those ready for your wedding morning... thank me later ;) 

I love ring photos

I am one girl who doesn't like having flowers in her house...oops did I just admit that? But allergies I tell ya.... However, when it comes to events and weddings I love how they can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Add some candles to that light and you have yourself one happy dancing photographer!

obsessed with florals

My couples know that they can totally be free and just be themselves trusting that I will capture their best moments. They don't stop when the camera is down they are just totally caught up in enjoying the moments. Capturing the in between moments, the moments you have no clue a camera is on you but you are IN that moment... those are my favourite to capture. 

I love real moments

Total opposite of my love of the timeless light and airy look, I always look for an opportunity to capture silhouette photos. There's just something totally out of the ordinary about them that I love... or maybe it's because those magic cotton candy skies really stand out in them. 

love silhouette photos

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